“We care: Your happiness and wellbeing are our priority”


In our efforts to provide a rich and varied educational experiences, inspired by the philosophical commitment to the wisdom of right View, right Contemplation, and right Action, that collectively lead to fruition of right Result, the happiness and wellbeing of all students and staff of the College is our highest priority. Indeed, the students and staff of the College are the heart and soul or the lifeline of the College and their general health and wellbeing is of paramount importance. Samtse College of Education (SCE) aspires to continue our efforts and initiatives to further enhance and create a positive and motivating work environment that enables the students and staff to work with a high level of morale and motivation towards their learning and work.  

Despite numerous challenges and limitations, SCE continuously strives to provide positive learning and professional experiences to our students and staff so that each individual student and staff develop a deep sense of belongingness, where the College becomes a haven of loving kindness and generosity, trust and faith, and respect for fellow human beings. Through our educational and other professional services grounded in the four boundless qualities of love (byams-pa); compassion (snying-rje); joy (dga’-ba); and equanimity (btang-snyoms), we wish to provide our students and staff the most memorable times of their lives in the College — personally satisfying and educationally/professionally fulfilling so that such positive experiences instill in them a strong sense of pride and honour of being part of this premier teacher education institution.

To achieve this institutional vision and goal where happiness and wellbeing of each student and staff of the College becomes the principal focus and priority, besides providing high quality educational programmes of national and international relevance, SCE offers counselling services with a theme: “We care: Your happiness and wellbeing are our priority”, under the Happiness and Wellbeing Centre in the college.

 Aims and objectives

Specifically, SCE Counselling Services aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Carry out needs assessment on a regular basis to determine the key underlying factors that affect students and staff happiness and general wellbeing in the College;
  2. Provide timely face-to-face or online counselling services to students and staff in the College for the improvement of their general wellbeing and quality of life;
  3. Design appropriate intervention programmes and activities such as in-house workshops to help students and staff develop self-help skills to deal with life challenges and difficulties at their own personal level;
  4. Train students and staff to develop appropriate personal attributes and traits to become peer counsellors to create a student/staff peer support group for wider reach and impact of counselling services in the College and community;
  5. Conduct in-house personal development workshops to help students and staff develop positive self-esteem, self-concept, and other personal traits that are essential for a happy and healthy living;
  6. Organise contemplative and mindfulness practice sessions for staff and students on a weekly basis to help them effectively manage their emotions, anxiety and other stressors;   
  7. Carry out awareness and sensitization programmes in the College, schools and community to value the preciousness of life; and
  8. Collaborate and network with school counsellors in Samtse Dzongkhag to promote counselling as a professional service and encourage school students and community people to seek counselling to resolve problems in its infant stage.

Counsellors in the College

The counselling services in the College is offered by trained counselling professionals, who are not only passionate and committed to help in the enhancement of happiness and wellbeing of students and staff in the College but ever willing to extend the services to people in the community. The services are timely, responsive and dispensed with the highest sense of professional standards of practice and ethics as prescribed by the Bhutan Board of Certified Counsellors (BBCC).


Seeking appointment  

Any interested students and staff have the option of either seeking an appointment for a face-to-face counselling session or an online counselling service where you have the choice to either disclose or not disclose your personal identity. In either way, the identity of the clients seeking counselling and the issues he/she brings to the counselling relationship shall be treated as highly confidential.